flagGet Started

Check back for updates to this section in the coming weeks!


  1. Register your account for picoCTF 2018. You will receive a confirmation email with an account activation link.
  2. Activate your account via the confirmation email.
  3. Log in to your account and create or join a team. You may also choose to ‘Play as an Individual’ and join or create a team later, but be aware that you may only join or create a team once! Share your Team Name and Team Password with your desired teammates.
  4. If your teacher has created a classroom, join the classroom with the Classroom Name and Teacher Username to help them track your progress.


Teams may consist of 1-5 players, and may consist of players at different schools. To be eligible for prizes, all players on a team must be eligible. See the rules, where it says “How do I become eligible to win Team prizes?”. If an ineligible player joins your team, the team will become ineligible. You can see your team composition on the account page.

Team members share the same problem instances, problem solving progress, and scores. (Yes, that does mean that different teams have different problem instances—the same problem will have different answer flags from team to team!)

You may join a team, create a team, or see your current team’s members and reset the team password in your Account page.

Teachers may not join teams. If you have created or joined a team in the last week with your teacher account, we have automatically unjoined you from that team.


Teachers can create a classroom to track statistics of students’ progress. Classrooms may have multiple teachers and will feature its own scoreboard in addition to the the public scoreboards.

Creating a Classroom

Only teacher accounts may create a classroom. To create a classroom, click the Classroom menu page when logged into your account. Click the Create a New Classroom button and input the desired classroom name (spaces allowed). Share your Classroom Name and Teacher Name with your students.

Joining a Classroom

Through the classroom management interface, students and student teams may join classrooms by entering the correct Classroom Name and Teacher Username in their Profile page. Because problem solving progression is shared in team, by joining a class you are allowing the classroom teachers(s) to see the usernames and progress of everyone in your team. It is possible to join multiple classrooms—for example, a classroom representing your student club, a classroom representing your computer science class, as well as a classroom representing your entire high school or school district.

Adding Additional Teachers to a Classroom

Once a teacher has created a classroom, other teachers may join that classroom with the same Classroom Name and Teacher Username as described above. The owner of the classroom may then elevate the additional teachers as ‘Classroom Teachers’ in the Classroom Management page. Students cannot be elevated to ‘Classroom Teacher’ status.

Leaving a Classroom

Users can leave a classroom by clicking the X button next to the entry in their Classroom list on the Profile page.